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Why Choose Our Horse Barns?

Why Choose a Wagler’s Barn?


At Wagler’s,  we can build a barn to your specifications with any combination of horse stalls and storage rooms that you have in mind.  We are the manufacturer, so your building is built here, at our location, and will be under our supervision from start to finish. No middle man, no guesswork, just straightforward from our shop to your farm … See below to read more about the benefits of our custom horse barns below.

We only manufacture wood buildings. We believe wood is the best material for horse and animal shelters for several reasons: Natural Insulation – cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It blends in best on the farm, and adds beauty and value to your property.

We manufacture barns that provide you with these benefits, to name a few:

  • Dry – has virtually no condensation
  • Quiet – isn’t noisy during storms, won’t scare your animals
  • Safe – less likely than metal to injure your horse when kicked
  • Durable – won’t dent or puncture easily
  • Beauty, we believe a wood barn still looks better than the rest

Our shelters are specifically constructed to endure the daily wear-and-tear inflicted by horses and harsh weather conditions …even transportation from one site to another, should you decide to relocate. At Wagler’s,  we take extra care to to produce a quality barn, because we know you are investing in a sound structure that you want to protect your animals for years to come.


If you ever decide to move to a new property, your horse barn can go with you! Most of our products  are designed so they can be reloaded, transported, and installed at another location.

It’s as easy as: 1,2,3

  1. Give us a call
  2. We send out a delivery driver
  3. Driver loads and unloads at new location.


The roofs of our buildings carry warranties for your protection, depending upon the option you selected:

  1. 30-year warranty on architectural shingle roof (standard)
  2. 30-year warranty on metal roof *
  3. 5 year warranty on anything that fails structurally due to workmanship.


Our roofs are constructed to endure harsh weather conditions… We take all the necessary steps to be certain you are investing in a sound structure that’s protected for years to come.


At Wagler’s, quality is supreme. Since we manufacture at our location, we oversee all material purchases and choose the products for their quality and durability. All materials meet or exceed standard building materials and codes, ensuring the customer a long-lasting barn or shelter.

We also utilize high quantity buying power in order to manufacture the highest quality barn at the most affordable price for you, our customer. We will never try to be the cheapest barn builder, but we do what we can to provide a quality barn at a fair price, and this allows us to do that.


The natural look of our barn’s wood can be retained by using a clear sealer …protect your investment for years to come! This may be why many of our customers enjoy our product so much, and the natural beauty if offers. You won’t regret an all-natural looking barn setting on your farm for years to come, we’re sure of that. Come see the difference today!

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